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Reservation IDGuest NameDate PlacedCheck-In DateLast Modified (EST)TotalStatus
20161105115652472test11/5/1611/15/1611/14/16 5:16AM$80.16Canceled
20161106151303738dgfgdfgf11/6/1612/8/1611/14/16 5:16AM$583.92Canceled
20161107172701660McCormick11/7/1612/13/1611/14/16 5:16AM$160.32Canceled
20160829184611142test8/29/169/20/168/29/16 6:46PM$104.10New
20160824165135923test8/24/168/31/168/24/16 4:51PM$93.84New
20160428212321930test4/28/165/11/167/23/16 1:25AM$68.76Canceled
20160711104857843test7/11/168/16/167/11/16 10:48AM$91.56New
20160711025932859McCormick7/11/168/16/167/11/16 2:59AM$274.68New
20160406104348503Scheinblum4/6/164/14/166/24/16 1:31AM$68.76Confirmed
20160601185054805reyes6/1/166/1/166/1/16 6:50PM$102.96New

Current Status: Canceled

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Reservation ID: 20161105115652472 Room: KingStandard # of Rooms: 1
Placed: 11/5/2016 Smoking: FALSE Rooms Total: $69.00
Check In: 11/15/2016 Rate Type: Basic Bed Tax: $8.97
Check Out: 11/16/2016 Rate: Internet City Tax: $1.50
Booking ID: Adults: 1 Gratuity: $0.69
Last Modified (EST): 11/14/2016 5:16:22 AM Children: 0 Total Charges: $80.16
Notes: IP:

Price Per Night
Tue, November 15, 2016 - $69.00

Guest Information
First: test Address: 12345
Last: test  
Phone: 4587 City, State, Zip slo CA 93401
E-Mail: Country: US

Payment Information
Name on Card: Ryan McCormick Address: 6808 Glen Ridge Dr
Type: Visa  
CC Number: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-0000 
City, State, Zip Austin TX 78731
Exp / CCV: xx/xx     xxx Country: US