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  • Myeres.com offers Digital Marketing for $40/month including setup
  • Boutiquerez.com offers NO setup and $79/month Fee Website Templates with your reservation program
  • Myeres.com interfaces with Sitemider.com Channel Manager (Most PMS Systems Interface) and ASI Front Desk PMS
  • Red Roof Corporate is Beta Testing 5 Hotels
  • Myeres.com surpasses over 400 hotel clients across the United States
  • Liberty Hotel Group has Myeres.com do 18 Hotels including Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, Best Westerns, and Comfort Suites www.LHGHotels.com
  • Fine Hospitality has Myeres.com do 20 Websites for its hotels including several Holiday Inn Expresses, Fairfield Inn, Holiday Inn, Best Western

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Let Myeres.com take care of all your digital marketing and social media needs.

We charge $40/month per hotel which also includes setup.

Setup Social Media:

Weekly Reviews:(Once a week)

Monthly Social Media:

  • Call hotel to ask about upcoming events or functions at hotel.
  • Will add local events to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and front of Website and Meetings page on website

Myeres will work with the hotel once a month to help improve all social media and digital marketing needs. We are always available by phone to answer any needs or concerns at 800-711-9955